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Virginia Beach 41st anniversary

This update is from Curtis May.

Tim and Donna Brassell

On the weekend of April 21-22, my wife Jannice and I joined the New Creation Community Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for their 41st anniversary. We served as Associate Pastor in the Norfolk area from 1974 to 1979.

The celebration was a wonderful experience beginning with an exquisite banquet and dance on Saturday evening where a panel of myself, and another former pastor, Tim Brassel, along with the current pastoral team members Calvin Sledge, Ada Wilson, Calvin Simon, and Clarence Roberts told stories, serious and funny, of our church experiences.

Simons (senior pastor), Ada Parson, Sledges, Mays and Brassells
Maude Shaw is a Charter Member of the Norfolk Church

On Sunday the new Senior Pastor Calvin Simon was installed. Also on Sunday we were joined by members from the former sister church in Richmond in a meaningful worship service. On a personal note, I was deeply moved when one of the lead event organizers told the congregation that I was one of the main reasons he stayed in the church. I visited his mom several times when he was 10 years old. Now he is a pillar in the church!

The Virginia Beach congregation is eager to go forward with a new senior pastor, and reach out into the community with renewed excitement and purpose.


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  1. Congratulations on your 41st…I served the area as an associate in 1968-1969 under Fred Kellers. I only wished I had known of this occasion earlier and would have made the effort to have been there. God bless the faithful.

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