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David Orth

This update is from David Orth, associate pastor of GCI’s congregation in San Antonio, TX. David recently experienced a near-death crisis and writes to express his thanks to the many who were praying for him and to request further prayer as his recovery continues.

It was a close call. In the hospital being treated for heart blockages I experienced a “code blue” crisis: no heart beat and no blood pressure. The nurse started chest compressions. My wife Elaine says that all of a sudden 20 people came pouring into my room from all parts of the hospital. The only thing I remember was someone saying “David wake up, wake up – I think he is back with us.” I was hearing voices, seeing people all around and my nurse David on top of me doing chest compression. I was out for a few minutes.

I was then moved to SICU where tests showed blood and fluid build-up around my heart. Emergency surgery was performed to drain the fluid. Later that day, another surgery was performed due to low blood pressure. I spent the next four days in SICU recovering – all tests showed strong heart beat, good blood pressure and little fluid. I was moved back to CVU and returned home a few days later. I will have follow-up visits with various doctors and probably will miss another week of work. I might be able to start back half-days on May 21.

The doctors and nurses kept saying I was lucky to be alive. Everything just fell into place and right decisions were made. Most expressed their belief that God (or a Higher Power) was guiding. My cardiologist said he planned to recommend some of the hospital staff for an award for their quick, helpful action in saving my life. I thank God and seek your prayers for my full recovery.

David Orth
4326 Parkwood Dr
San Antonio, TX 78218-5028


2 thoughts on “David Orth”

  1. Hello David,

    I am so glad to hear the good news. I will be praying for your full recovery. Hopefully I will be able to see you at our conference in July.

    Blessings, Tom

  2. Greetings David,
    Am delighted you are on the road to recovery and pray for your complete healing.
    Love, Arnold

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