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Gridleys’ 50th anniversary

GridleysGCI elder Barry Gridley and his wife Wendy are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this week. They married on May 4, 1963 in England, where their families lived. They have since lived mostly in California.

Barry and Wendy send their warm thanks to all in GCI who have supported them with kindness and patience over these last 50 years.

Cards may be sent to:

Barry and Wendy Gridley
6332 Jack Hill Drive
Oroville, CA 95966-3812

8 thoughts on “Gridleys’ 50th anniversary”

  1. Congratulations, Barry and Wendy! In some ways it seems like yesterday, I’m sure, and in other ways it probably seems a wee bit longer. Keep it going!! Hope to see you again soon so we can congratulate you in person. Love, Larry & Judy

  2. Congratulations to you two love-birds! I am happy for you to enjoy each other through all these many years. No value can be put on such a precious experience as having your loving partner with you at the beginning and close of each day. I pray the years to come will be overflowing with good health and happiness.

  3. Amen to the thoughts expressed by dear friends Bob Miller, Larry van Vanduyt and Jim Stokes — Tammy and I are about to celebrate our 35th!!! With love and blessings, Ross and Tammy

  4. Happy Anniversary Barry & Wendy! You are a “cosmic hug of encouragement”! We often think of and Pray for you,remembering the blessed times we spent together in Pasadena! There is much more to come and we look forward to it with great anticipation. So good to hear from you!
    Love, Paul & Leigh Sniffen,
    Community Of Faith
    Memphis Tenn.

  5. Congratulations my friends. Wow, we just celebrated our 50th, you got us tops. love you,
    Rachel & John Keyser

  6. Congratulations to you both, for 50 years. May there be many more years of happiness together. It’s a long time since we met up, but memories stay fresh.

  7. Hi Wendy and Barry. Congratulations on the blessing of 50 years together. O.K. … and thanks for supporting us with kindness and patience over the years. With 50 years behind you and eternity before you, reflect on a wonderful life. Greeting you always in the joy of staying in love, Franklin and Cora

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