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Church multiplication summit

This update is from Randy Bloom, director of GCI’s Church Multiplication Ministries.

CMM4groupGCI-USA held its 2014 Church Multiplication Summit on February 7-8 in New Orleans. Over 50 people attended, including GCI church planters, mentors and district pastors who are forming church planting support networks.

CMM2 MaryChurch planters Mary Bacheller (at left), Rannie Childress (standing at right), Dishon Mills, Angie Tabin (at right, below) and Heber Ticas shared stories about changed lives, making new disciples and starting new churches. Superintendent of U.S. Ministers, Dan Rogers then reviewed the development of Church Multiplication’s Ministries.


Associate Superintendent of U.S. Ministers, Greg Williams spoke about the importance of working together to plant new churches and the need for US regions and districts to take a larger role in identifying, preparing and supporting church planters. As Greg noted, the foundational resources are in place, and now we need more church planters. Please join CMM in asking the Lord of the Harvest to raise up gifted and passionate leaders who will make new disciples and start new churches.

To learn more about current GCI-USA church plants, go to the following websites: