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George Affeldt

This update on George Affeldt’s condition is from his daughter Jennifer (Affeldt) Giddens. For the original prayer request, click here.

George with his daughter Jennifer
George with his daughter Jennifer

Perhaps you saw on Facebook the picture at right of me with my father during a Super Bowl party held at his bed in the hospital. I’m pleased to report that since then, Dad has been sent home. He’s a bit weak, but doing well.

On January 24, Dad fell when getting out of bed. Mom called 911 and they took him to the emergency room at the hospital. A kidney stone was discovered. It had dropped and lodged between his bladder and kidney, causing severe infection. Surgery was needed, though due to his blood pressure dropping, it would be risky. Dad asked my sister to call my brother and me before going into surgery. I don’t think Dad expected to survive, but he did! He told my nephew, Jonathan, “I pulled one out of the fire today!” Dad then spent several days in the hospital recuperating. They treated him for a blood infection and gave him dialysis to “wake up” a sleeping kidney. He is now home, continuing to receive antibiotic treatments. They don’t feel that he will need further dialysis.

Dad has an amazing testimony to God’s power to heal. Thanks to all who prayed for him, my mom and our whole family. We have felt those prayers! Please continue to pray for Dad’s recovery, that he will be able to spend several more years (and Super Bowls) with us.

Cards may be sent to:

George and Jacki Affeldt
508 North Marquette Avenue
Sioux Falls, SD 57110-5736

11 thoughts on “George Affeldt”

  1. Looks like God scored another touchdown! So happy to hear that George is recovering.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. George, you have always been a “tough cookie” and faithful in God’s service. Great news of improvement. So look forward to the next Super Bowl…and the next…and
    Love Hazel & JR

  3. Howdy George,

    So good to hear a good report! May God continue to restore and heal!

    Ray and Carol Meyer

  4. So pleased to hear the news of your recovery!
    May strength and health be yours once again!
    Dave and Linda Fiedler

  5. Our great God in three persons has once again granted our requests for you. We praise him for hearing us & continue to hear our requests on your behalf. I, recieving tapes of the Sioux Falls services on a regualar basis, had a somewhat difficlt time to figure out just what was going on until I recieved this update. Putting both together it is now obvious that we can see & revel in God’s intervention, but also continuing in heartfelt prayer. Continue to give us the food of life that you have been faithful in doing for these many year!

    Dennis Kintzi

  6. It is great to hear the progress that you’re making. We look forward to your Christ centered sermons, relying on the tapes that Clifford sends. Dennis Kintzi

  7. Hello George,

    Juli and I join with you and your family in praising God for His grace and mercy. We are so glad you are back home and recuperating. May God continue to bless you with His healing.

    Love you guys!
    Mike & Juli

  8. We do hope and pray that with the arrival of each fresh day you are feeling much better and on your way to a speedy recovery. Get Well Soon.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham Alabama

  9. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. To Him be the glory. We rejoice with you for the divine intervention of our great God and Father. Our prayers will continue as you continue to heal and recuperate. God is love.

  10. Praise our God for being there for you George. It warms our hearts to think of all our time together and the enjoyment of being associated in true Christian fellowship all these years, and all the good you have done for us through you ministry with Jesus. Thank you very much and we continue to pray for your recovery!

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