Adrienne Pickett

This prayer request is from Tom Pickett who pastors GCI’s congregation in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

Adrienne and Tom
Adrienne and Tom

I had to call 911 last Thursday night for my wife Adrienne. She was having a hard time breathing and was dehydrated. The paramedics took her to the ER at Harris Hospital in downtown Fort Worth. She was put on an oxygen machine and connected to a saline bag to rehydrate her. Within minutes she began to look better and soon was looking like she felt good and was at peace. She was then monitored over the weekend to see where her cardiologist wants to go from here. Adrienne has suffered for a number of years with the results of congestive heart failure and this recent incident seems to be a result. Your prayers are much appreciated.

Cards may be sent to:

Adrienne Pickett
1206 Sproles Drive
Benbrook, Texas 76126-3332

8 thoughts on “Adrienne Pickett”

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May our Lord lift you up and cover you with His wonderful grace.


  2. Tom & Adrienne – our fights for life and love never end. Love & prayers for all your family. To know we are already healed and living in Christ is comfort and peace that surpasses all understanding. Peace and courage be with you both.
    Love, Joel & Liz Duttera

  3. You both will be in our prayers as we ask for healing and strength for you in all that has happened. God richly Bless you, David and Linda Husmann.

  4. We are sorry to hear of your recent hospital stay. Do hope and pray that you are feeling better, and that soon you will be back home. Get Well Soon.
    In Christian Love,
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, AL

  5. We have fond memories of you both at our district meetings in Harrsiburg, PA. We pray God gives healing and comfort at this troubling situation. Dave and Hinka

  6. Adrienne & Tom

    You both as well as the family are in my prayers. It is always wonderful to see you smiling faces! May God heal and give peace, happiness, joy and love to all. We will lift you up Sunday in prayers!

    David Orth
    Summit Life Church
    San Antonio, TX

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