John Halford

Here from his daughter Becki (Halford) Brown, is an update concerning John Halford who is battling esophageal cancer. This update is an edited version of what Becki posted on Facebook. John had a PET scan on June 24 and Becki reports here on the positive outcome.

halford-gcitThe results of Dad’s scan have just come in. I can hardly see as I am typing through happy tears. The oncologist said that the tumor in his esophagus has shrunk to less than half its original size and there is no cancer that is showing up anywhere else in his body! This means that they can do surgery to remove the tumor. I am so thankful for all of your thoughts and prayers, for all of the many emails, phone calls, cards and the overwhelming comfort that you all have given us.

Dad’s surgery will be within the next two weeks as long as the surgeon feels he is strong enough to proceed. Please continue to pray for him.

Cards may be sent to:

John & Pat Halford
5836 South State Road 129
Versailles, IN 47042

15 thoughts on “John Halford”

  1. These are encouraging news. Thanks so much for keeping all of us updated. Many around the world are joining hands and will continue praying for John and the entire family.

  2. Praise God for the positive news. You have been in our prayers. He is obviously intervening!

  3. Dear John and family, Brigida and I thanks our loving Father for this positive news and continue asking His loving and tender intervention in all your healing process. Love and warmest greetings.

  4. Praise GOD from whom all blessings flow. We are rejoicing with this family and know GOD has even more in store for them.

  5. What wonderful news. Do hope and pray that you will continue to regain your strength and that all goes well with your upcoming surgery.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  6. Thank you so much for sharing. We will praise God for his wonderful and graceful intervention. We are very glad for you and your family.

    Grace Communion International New Brunswick Canada

  7. Wonderful news John! We are praying for a successful surgery and complete recovery! God bless! Ray and Carol Meyer

  8. This is great news! We serve an awesome God. We will continue prayers for you (John) and your family. Thank you Becki for updating us. Harold & Charlotte Davis

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