Mike Rasmussen

Mike and Juli, following Mike’s surgery

Mike and Juli Rasmussen send their thanks for the prayers for Mike, who serves as a GCI pastor, camp director and associate regional pastor. Mike and Juli live and minister in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area.

On June 19, Mike successfully underwent cancer surgery. He now is recovering at home, awaiting lab results, which will indicate if the cancer has spread beyond his prostate gland, now removed.

Cards may be sent to:

Mike and Juli Rasmussen
12012 Surrey Ln
Yukon, OK 73099-8139

8 thoughts on “Mike Rasmussen”

  1. Mike and Juli,

    We are thinking of you. Keep smiling…

    Santiago and Elke

  2. Mike and Juli,

    Prayers and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery. Miss seeing you Mike. Take care.

    Todd Woods
    Director Heartland SEP

  3. Dear Mike and Juli,
    We are very happy to hear that the surgery went so well! It is our prayer that all forthcoming reports will be positive toward your outcome. Please know that we love you both and will continue to ask our Great God to give you both, all that you may need through all this.

  4. Dear Mike and Juli,
    Glad to hear of the positive news so far. We’ll be praying for more good news as the healing progresses.
    Larry and Ginny

  5. Do hope and pray that with the arrival of each new day you are feeling better as you recover. Get well soon.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

  6. Mike and Juli

    Great to see those smiling faces. May God grant healing and have you up and around doing His wonderful work through you both.

    David Orth
    San Antonio, TX

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