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Linda Holladay

Prayer is requested for Linda Holladay, wife of Charles Holladay who pastors GCI’s congregation in Bloomington, Minnesota. Linda has a spot on her eye that has been diagnosed as melanoma. It is small, was caught early and is treatable with radiation. The procedure is involved and difficult and she is likely to lose much of her vision in that eye. Thankfully the doctor at Mayo Clinic has done this treatment hundreds of times. The procedure will be conducted the week of July 21.

Cards may be sent to:

Linda & Charles Holladay
111 S Willow St
Belle Plaine, MN 56011-1706

6 thoughts on “Linda Holladay”

  1. As someone who has his own battles with an affected eyesight I have an inkling as to how scary this trial might be. It sounds like the doctors caught the melanoma at an early stage. That is good news.

    Our prayers are with you and particularly with Linda on July 21.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. You are in our prayers daily, Linda. I speak for our entire congregation who all love you very much and greatly appreciate your tireless service to all of us. God is with you.

    In Christian love,
    Ron J.

  3. Linda, I will be putting you on our prayer list here in Toledo. We will be praying for your health and your eyesight.

    Stuart Mahan

  4. Linda, you will be in my daily prayers seeking God’s healing power to make you whole. I will ask the congregation in Sioux Falls to join me in prayer for your healing.

  5. Linda, Betty and I are praying for you, for Charles, for your children and grandchildren as you go through this treatment.

    Doug & Betty

  6. Dear Linda and Charles,

    Please know we are with you during this difficult time. We will be asking the Wichita congregation to be praying as well.

    Love to you both,Don & Alix

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