Ebola crisis in Africa

This prayer request is from Kalengule Kaoma, one of GCI’s mission developers in Africa.

As you know, Ebola is spreading rapidly in the West African nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Global media have been reporting rioting in Monrovia, the capital of Liberia. Food shortages there are due primarily to travel restrictions.

Although there is noticeable reduction in travel by air, a lot of people are still travelling and it is easy to spread the disease that way. Thankfully, some countries have taken measures to educate travelers about Ebola. In Malawi, all travelers are screened for Ebola at airports.

Robert Browne, GCI director in Liberia, reports that the situation is, “Like being in prison—prices of commodities have gone high and almost every pastor of GCI in Liberia is stranded.” We will be looking for ways to assist them. We ask our worldwide family to lift these people up to God in prayer.

2 thoughts on “Ebola crisis in Africa”

  1. Dear KK,

    We are with you in our thoughts and prayers. The pictures and reports we have received from the affected regions is very disconcerting. The epidemic is still spreading fast. We have extended family in Nigeria, so our concern is also quite personal.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. May the great GOD of heaven and earth be with all those impacted by this horrible disease. We were thankful you all got to Ghana for the blessed celebrations there last month. There are no human words except to our GOD in faith for these situations. I remind myself and others of Heb 12:2, least we become weary. Our GOD is GOD and besides HIM, there is none other. We continue to look to him and trust HIM as HE continue HIS work here on earth and with HIS people. Our prayers have been going up to HIM since we heard of Ebola. Love to all there. It was good to meet you and spend a bit of time with you. Love and best wishes to you and our sisters and brothers there.

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