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In addition to posting on our website ( and here in GCI Weekly Update, we also publish some of our writings in the form of books that are published online (e-books). These books can be read online or downloaded (often at no cost) to be printed or stored on your computer or other device. Here are four e-books now available for free:

The Trinitarian Conversations books are also available for purchase in paperback form, go to

5 thoughts on “Online books from GCI”

  1. Sorry Phyllis that you’re having the problem. Is it the print on your computer screen that is tiny? If so, you can enlarge it fairly easily. Perhaps someone you know there can show you how. We hope this helps!

  2. Great resources! I already had a couple of print copies in book format of the interviews. But, it is very nice to also have the electronic files. Very practical. Just perfect for “information seekers”.

    Many thanks to everyone for making the material freely available.


  3. Being able to access the e-books is fantastic. My preference is the PDF format for a number of reasons. I would like to see an online library of such books within GCI’s own library for the GCS and other courses, even if it means increasing the fees(slightly of course!!!). Alternatively, some books can be free and some can be paid for online, and downloaded.

  4. I downloaded the ebook on the Kingdom, and find it very helpful to read in this format. I carry my ebook with me most days, and it is very handy to dip into the book without the need to go online. If I knew the Church planned to extend this resource, I would gladly recommend it to others.

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