Essex Golden Oldies

GCI’s congregation in Essex, England is pastored by Tony Goudie. It’s a lively church, with an average attendance of about 55 people of various ages. Among the members are five couples that all have celebrated their gold wedding anniversaries—50 years of marriage! We offer them our hearty congratulations on this wonderful attainment and extend to them our best wishes for many more such celebrations in the years ahead.

Golden oldies
Left to right: Alan and Lore Riley (married March 1962); Martin and Mavis Brown (married March 1963); Ted and Gwen Beech (married October 1963); Philip and Gillian Stevens (married February 1964); Edward and Irene Smith (married July 1964).

One thought on “Essex Golden Oldies”

  1. A lifetime achievement that is rightly honored. A wonderful example for our young people.


    Santiago and Elke

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