Evangelism resources

Here are helpful resources related to the topic of evangelism (involving ministries of cultivating, planting and reaping) in and through the local church. To celebrate the fruit of this work in one of our congregations, click here.

Taking care of new developmentIdentifying evangelistic gifts

In a post on the Exponential website, church planter Beau Crosetto writes this:

If we are going to activate evangelistic people in our ministry, then we have to know what they look like! Sometimes this can be pretty easy if they are highly gifted and are more developed. But if they are a young person, it may not be as clear from the surface. What do you look for to identify those people with the Ephesians 4 gift of evangelism (part of the five-fold gifts) in your church? Here are six indicators I often consider…

To read Beau’s article, click here. Though it is written from the perspective of a church plant, it applies directly to established churches as well.

Tools that help

In a post on The Exchange Blog, entitled “Strategic Evangelism,” Ed Stetzer lists several tools that are useful in helping members share in the Holy Spirit’s work of evangelism. To read Ed’s post, click here. For related resources produced by GCI, click on these links: