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Blooms’ 1st grandchild

GCI regional pastor Randy Bloom and his wife Debbie are celebrating a lot of “firsts.” Their firstborn child Lisa, who lives with her husband Chris Higgins in Paris, on December 13 delivered her first child, Amos Ryan Higgins (6½ pounds—see picture below). Now Randy and Debbie are celebrating their first grandchild! Randy and Debbie are in Paris visiting their new grandson. It will be a memorable Christmas and New Year! Congratulations to all.


7 thoughts on “Blooms’ 1st grandchild”

  1. That a boy! Congratulations 🙂

    We rejoice with the entire family. This calls for a sip (or two) of Barrignac. Well done. We pray God’s blessings and protection on Ryan Amos.

    A new chapter begins for you all and I know that we do not only have very proud parents but also ecstatic grandparents. Enjoy life as “Oma” and “Opa”. What a great time of the year to have a child born.

    All the best,
    The Lange Gang

  2. Congratulations Randy & Debbie! Connie and I are so happy for you. Having grandchildren of our own, we know how special it is. We wish you all a wonderful Christmas together. It is an extra-special time with a new member in the family. Wonderful!

    Larry & Connie

  3. Blessings and congratulations! What a wonderful gift for all of you. We wish you the most wonderful of Christmas seasons and a happy new year! Love, The Haist family

  4. Dearest Randy and Deb, we invite you to drink in of the wonders of grandchildren. From those first moments of new life to the speaking of your new titles, grandpa and grandma, congratulations and God Bless your extended family! David and Linda Husmann

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