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Family first: reaching in and reaching out

Word of God Christian Fellowship, GCI’s church in Canfield, Ohio, recently hosted three non-GCI churches in a combined potluck (pictured below). The event focused on fellowship among churches and outreach to the surrounding community. Total attendance was about 250 people.

Canfield group

With leadership from their pastors (pictured below—GCI pastor John Dobritch and his wife Mary are at left) the four churches are partnered in a group called “Family First.” The group focuses on helping strengthen Canfield area families in Christ.

Canfield meeting pastors

3 thoughts on “Family first: reaching in and reaching out”

  1. Fellowship and food…that was Jesus’ way. I am reminded of the many wonderful potlucks we used to regularly have in years past. This is one “tradition” that I would love to see continue all over the world.

    Why not also plan more Matthew parties…inviting the church distanced and neighbors to a food party. A non-pressure environment conducive to building relationships and friendships.

  2. GREAT idea,I think it would really work well for the Nashville Tn. church,I know if God is in it it will be good!!!

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