Youth camps

SEP Luzon

GCI-Philippines held a youth camp in Luzon in May (SEP Luzon). Against a backdrop of sea and sky, 144 campers and 40 staff gathered for six days of rediscovering what it means to Live the Life. This theme encouraged the young people to embrace, live out and share the fullness of the life we have been given in Jesus Christ. To read more about the camp, click here.


SEP Florida

Here is a video from the Generations Ministries camp held recently in Florida:

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  1. What a wonderful expression of life of and from God’s youth! To live, and share, and be; means so much for each of us and it is truly inspiring and heart warming to watch youth express life in such a positive way. Thanks to all the workers involved with their loving support and presence and prayers are offered for the young and their future in Christ Jesus! Love and thanks to all for your labors of love, from David and Linda Husmann.

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