Minkes’ son Brent in accident

We received the prayer request below from Craig and Debbie Minke. Craig pastors GCI’s congregation in Surrey (Vancouver), British Columbia.

Last Sunday evening our 18 year-old son Brent had a terrible accident on his mountain bike. Unconscious for five minutes, he was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. A CT scan showed no brain damage, thank God! He did, however, suffer a concussion, broken nose, broken upper jaw, a one-inch gash on his forehead and a three-inch gash in his mouth that did nerve damage. He was a mess.

A few days later we saw an oral surgeon and another CT scan showed that either he has a cracked tooth or root. His nose and jaw had not shifted although they were broken—another miracle! The doctor glued a splint onto his front teeth that will remain for six weeks as his teeth heal.

Aside from swelling and pain, Brent was recovering steadily last week until Friday, when infection set in. His tooth and/or upper jaw were abscessing, causing fever, swelling and severe pain. The surgeon drained the area (very painful) and now Brent is on antibiotics and strong pain killers. He’s now feeling somewhat OK, though he’s still swollen and the infection is still active. Please join us in praying for Brent, asking the Great Physician to healing him, in his mercy sparing him from permanent repercussions.

Cards may be sent to:

Craig and Debbie Minke
22899 – 14th Avenue
Langley, BC V2Z 2W8

3 thoughts on “Minkes’ son Brent in accident”

  1. Trusting our God to bring Brent through this difficult time. Love, Charles and Sandra, Winnipeg.

  2. My dear Craig and Debbie. Sorry to hear about your son. My prayers are with you for Brent.

  3. We do hope and pray that with the arrival of each new day that Brent will feel better and will soon be fully recovered.
    In Christian Love
    Grace Covenant Fellowship
    Birmingham, Alabama

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