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Spreading the gospel in Cameroon

GCI in the nation of Cameroon (central Africa) is led by Pastor Jean Ndoudoumou (pictured below, at right) who serves alongside a committed group of united leaders. Though financial challenges abound, GCI’s members in Cameroon are being inspired to put their hope and trust in God who is able to supply all their needs.


GCI’s congregations in Cameroon recently held a special celebration that featured presentation of ordination certificates to elders ordained last year, and the ordination of ten new deacons from a recently planted GCI congregation in the town of Makak (central Cameroon). Cameroon churches also recently participated in a youth camp organized by GCI Pastor Victor Balinga. This interdenominational camp served close to 300 young people.

Cameroon2 Cameroon3

A new GCI church plant in Bimbia (southwest Cameroon) is thriving. Bimbia is a religious community where Christianity came alive when a Jamaican missionary, Joseph Merrick, landed there in 1843 (see the plaque, above). However, many who received the gospel became disappointed and discouraged in their walk as Christians. Through outreach activities, GCI’s members in Bimbia have been flaming the hope of salvation. As a result, men, women and children are returning home to Jesus where they are finding his love and grace.

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