Update on Minke’s son

As noted in an earlier prayer request, Brent Minke (18-year-old son of Pastor Craig and Debbie Minke of Canada), was badly injured in a mountain biking accident. Here is an update from Craig and Debbie.

We’re happy to report that Brent is feeling much better—now free of headaches and feeling back to his normal self. He’s still dealing with some swelling, bruising, etc., but he’s almost completely off painkillers. He continues taking antibiotics, hoping infection will not flare up. Time will tell if Brent will lose a tooth, and if he’ll have permanent nerve damage in his lower lip.

Words fail to adequately express our gratitude for God’s loving protection, mercy and healing, and our gratitude for you, our dear family, who have stood with us through this trial!

Cards may be sent to:

Craig and Debbie Minke
22899 – 14th Avenue
Langley, BC V2Z 2W8

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