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Patrick Quinn

In August, a new cohort entered the GCI Intern Program (click here for details). We’re running a series here in “Up Close & Personal” to introduce you to some of these newest interns. This week we want you to meet Patrick Quinn, who is interning in Salem, Oregon.

patrick quinnWith a degree in aeronautical engineering, Patrick could be pursuing a career in that lucrative field. Yet at the GenMin Converge conference last March, he sensed a call from God to vocational ministry. Here is his testimony:

While attending the Converge conference, my friend Anthony Mullins suggested I consider enrolling in the GCI Intern Program. I didn’t think too seriously about it at the time—I was still set on engineering. But the idea wouldn’t go away and after talking with Anthony again, I thought and prayed about it over the weekend of the conference.

The more I considered it, the more I felt called to the program and to youth ministry. I made the decision to put my life into God’s hands and join in the GCI Intern Program.

Giving up control is a strange feeling—more than a little terrifying, but it comes with profound feelings of peace and excitement. I’m thrilled to be following God’s plan for me in my life.

Patrick is now interning alongside Pastor Tim Sitterley in Salem, Oregon, where, thankfully, a couple in the congregation is remodeling their home to provide a studio apartment for Patrick to live in.

5 thoughts on “Patrick Quinn”

  1. Congratulations Patrick on a very wonderful decision you have made.
    You will discover that youth ministry and working directly for our Creator is the most rewarding opportunity available. Welcome to the team!

  2. Thanks Patrick for participating in the GCI Intern Program.
    I am very excited for you! May your life be filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit.

  3. Patrick, I am one who appreciates your commitment to follow our Master’s lead into Youth Ministry. I know our Triune God is with you in this courageous endeavor…I am praying for your success in all you do in your education and relationships. Your friend and Brother in Christ. Joe Elam LGCF, Eugene, OR.

  4. Great to have you aboard, Patrick, and joining the other interns such as Jillian Caranto whom I recommended and is in Lemon Grove, CA as intern Youth Minister. Her calling experience is similar. You are certainly not alone in this adventure with the Lord and your peers cheering you on.

  5. Now I am wondering if you are of the family I knew in Pasadena in the 70’s, Pat and Karen Quinn. Perhaps someone would e-mail me if this is correct. Thanks!

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