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GCI school in Haiti

In a previous issue we asked for prayer for our school in Haiti. Here is an update from Joseph Franklin, leader of the school and GCI pastor.

Madam Micheline Darius, our school’s principal, was fighting Typhoid-Malaria. Thankfully, she now is back at work! Many of the children battling the disease also are back to school. Madam Marie Gerale Vainqueur, who teaches the sixth grade, is recovering nicely from her surgery to remove a non-cancerous lump in one of her ovaries. She is expected to return to work in January. We thank you for your prayers!

One thought on “GCI school in Haiti”

  1. we are praying for the school and the country. I have good friend from Haiti and he tells us that the country is in turmoil because of elections and leadership challenges. This poor country needs leaders like these dedicated ladies to teach so this nation can have peace.

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