Journey with the Master in SoCal

GCI Generations Ministries (GenMin) recently conducted a Journey with the Master conference at the GCI home office in Glendora, California. The weekend was open to anyone, teen years and older. As indicated by the conference name, the weekend was primarily about getting a better understanding of our true identity as we travel on a lifelong journey with our Master, Jesus.

Journey group

Journey3Anthony Mullins, GenMin’s national coordinator, led participants in looking at their identity spiritually and physically, emphasizing the need to unlearn the lies we believe about ourselves (like being unlovable) and to learn (or perhaps re-learn) the truths that God accepts us entirely and loves us unconditionally. Strengthened by these truths, we are able to journey in ministry with Jesus, which means sharing in his love for all people.

There were many moments in the conference when teens and adults gathered to pray for one another, extending encouragement and love. As one participant noted, “We were able to see hope rise in the hearts of our youth along with a thirst for the only Being who can satisfy our every need.”


The event concluded with participants traveling to Central Park in Pasadena where they offered food and prayer to homeless people. One conference participant noted this about that outreach and the conference in general:

The frame of mind we took with us was to first see anyone as a beloved child of God—someone our King died for and loves as much as he loves us. These beloved children of God then have a secondary identity, whether it be as a college student, blue-collar worker, stay-at-home parent, CEO, or a homeless person. GCI has a wonderfully rich history of relationship—we yearn to bond with those in and out of the church and to bring people into a fuller understanding of the love and grace of God in Jesus Christ. Journey with the Master is one of many events held by GCI, and with many others to come, we hope to see more and more come to know just how loved and accepted they are by their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.