New online version of Equipper

Microsoft PowerPoint - EQUIPPER 2

After being published for over 10 years as an email publication, Equipper has “gone digital”—now being published online at Each issue of this monthly ezine has multiple articles on a variety of topics related to equipping pastors, ministry leaders and ministry workers for their service with Christ in and through his body on earth, the church.

Three 2016 issues of Equipper are now posted at the new online site:

If you did not recently receive from CAD an email notifying you that the March issue of Equipper had been published, you may subscribe to that email notification service by emailing Equipper editor Ted Johnston at (note that you wish to be subscribed to Equipper). 

You may, of course, read Equipper any time online at The new issue is posted there on the first day of each month (or the Monday following).