Bob Klynsmith engaged to be married

While visiting an art gallery near his home, GCI-South Africa elder Bob Klynsmith met a beautiful artist named Krista De Beer. They developed a wonderful friendship and now are engaged to be married. Congratulations to the couple!

and Robert
Krista and Bob

10 thoughts on “Bob Klynsmith engaged to be married”

  1. Bob, hearty congratulations! Friendship then marriage is a wonderful way to go. I’m delighted for you! May the Lord bless and shower love on you both.

  2. Congratulation and GOD’s blessing be upon you. When we were in So. Africa a number of years ago, we met a family with the sir name De Beer. I can’t remember the lady’s name but the husband’s name was Eddie, I believe. Are you from that family?

  3. Congratulations! Sue and I are delighted to hear the news. Wishing you all the best!

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