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This prayer request is from Anthea Lippross, wife of long-time GCI elder Roger Lippross, who was Production Director of Publishing for WCG from 1975-1988.

LiprossPlease pray for my husband Roger. On March 27 he had a stroke and is now at the Redlands Community Hospital in Southern California where he underwent tests. The latest tests showed that Roger had had previous strokes. He is progressing well and waiting to be transferred to a rehab facility that concentrates on physiotherapy. He thanks everyone for their concern and prayers and with Gods help will be up and back in the saddle.

Cards may be sent to:

Roger & Anthea Lippross
1015 Coto de Caza Ct
Beaumont, CA 92223-8522

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  1. Dear Roger and Anthea,
    So sorry to hear of your stroke, but grateful you have the determination and faith to tackle this setback and get back on your feet. We love you both and are praying with many happy memories of the many ways you have touched our lives in such a loving, powerful way. Love, Bob & Ruth

  2. So glad to get the positive feedback–the Lipprosses have seen some dramatic healings in their lives and they are probably as well-known as any couple in the whole GCI right now. Especially internationally as Glen Weber has said. Roger handled just about every management job in the old WCG dealing with prepress and publishing and even IT. When a veteran employee shows up in Glendora church Rog usually says, “He used to work for me.” And I say, “Didn’t we all?”

    I call him the 7 Million Magazine Man for managing the 7 million PTs in the 1980s in 6-7 languages scattered around the world-of course he corrects me and says 8 million. Even Reader’s Digest envied the operation. All of which means I know the Lipprosses longer than I know my wife (I was Bricket Wood, 1968).He and I bonded in 1970-71 when I was Portfolio Editor in Ambassador UK and Roger was so good in working us in to the busy operation.

    In 1996 John Biswas of BEA approached me to help with his operation in Bangladesh and I told him “You need Roger Lippross” and that started a new career for Rog–giving hundreds of people in North America the chance to participate in worldwide mission.

    Many are the stories I could tell but I salute him recently for staying on our speaking schedule with an 1 hour 15 min drive to church from Beaumont/Banning. You can tell we love this man and many of you will attest to Rog’s work ethic, team play and above all, compassion. Get well, Rog, we need you!

  3. Roger and Anthea, we are praying for a speedy and complete recovery. Please know you are in our prayers, hearts and thoughts. Awaiting to hug you at church!

  4. Best wishes and prayers for a speedy and complete recovery, Roger. All things are possible … you know the rest.

  5. Dear Roger and Anthea,

    My heart and prayers go out to you in this crisis. But the good news is you are making progress toward recovery. May our Great God speed that process!

    Larry Dietrich

  6. Dear Roger,

    May I also add my prayers to this list. I well remember working with you in Bricket Wood in 1968/72 on the AC Sportfolio and writing occasionally for the Portfolio. I also well remember the late nights of writing after basketball games that were required to get the articles to you the next day for layout and publishing. You set a high standard for us. Get well my friend!


  7. Dear Roger,

    I am very sorry to hear of your stroke, but happy to know that your recovery is progressing well. You will be in my prayers as well. I will never forget the opportunities to spend time with you (especially our trip through Germany and Switzerland visiting printers. Being “logistically challenged” I was able to show you much more of Germany than you ever hoped (or desired) to see.) Get well soon!


  8. Dear Roger and Anthea,

    Our association goes back so many years with a lot of water under the bridge and now it continues as we pray for your complete recovery and encouragement for the rest of the family.

    David and Margaret.

  9. Dear Roger and Anthea,

    We are concerned about the situation you our friends are in, our thoughts and prayers go out to and for you. We shall be praying in both churches this weekend for Roger’s speedy recovery. Surely the goodness and mercy of The Good Shepherd has followed you all the days of your life and will continue to lead and guide you through your dark valley and bring you out on the other side. Love, Richard and Joyce.

  10. Dear Roger and Anthea,
    Being from Canada, I had heard about you and had the privilege to meet you personally as Chris Starkey and I had a meal with you at one our recent international conferences. My wife and I pray for you both and for a speedy recovery. We know you are in the capable, loving hands of our Great Shepherd. Thank you so much for all you have done in our Lord.

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