Bob Persky

Bob and Kay

Please pray for retired GCI pastor Bob Persky, who lives with his wife Kay near Dallas, Texas. Bob was diagnosed recently as having multiple myeloma. He has been undergoing chemotherapy. He also is experiencing renal failure and is on dialysis, hoping to help his kidneys resume normal function.

The family reports that Bob is not in a lot of pain, and is in good spirits and hopeful. However, the chemotherapy is causing him to be very fatigued. Please pray that his health turns in a positive direction so that the doctors feel comfortable letting him return home where he will continue to care for Kay, who is in ill health herself.

Cards may be sent to:

Bob and Kay Persky
129 Star Point Lane
Weatherford, TX 76088-6409

13 thoughts on “Bob Persky”

  1. Our entire family is praying for your entire family.
    we all love you very much and you will daily be in our fervent prayers.

  2. We are praying for the both of you and your family. May the Holy Spirit strengthen you and comfort you. God our Father guide you all through this journey.

  3. Bob and Kay,

    So sorry to hear about what you are going through right now. We are fervently praying for both of you, and hope to hear a good report soon. With our love, Ray and Carol Meyer

  4. Our faith may be weak and frail but our trust rests in HIS faith. To Him who is most loving and full of grace we bring your challenges and concerns. Jesus is with you. We pray that he will mightily reveal His presence and cover you with peace and assurance.


    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  5. Bob, you are a constant ray of sunshine to others in your service, your faith, your dedication. Our God is a healer. We pray he extend his merciful healing touch to you and to Kay. He is able.

  6. Psa. 46:1 GOD is our refuge and our strength, an ever present help in need. Our sincere and heartfelt prayers are with you. You may not remember us but we first met you in Grand Rapids, Michigan, many, many years ago. GOD will bless and keep you in HIS care. HIS promises are sure and HIS faithfulness is great. Love

  7. Please know that our Love & Prayers are with you, continually…..Trusting God & knowing that His promises of knowing,caring,& never leaving us are sure!
    Paul/ Leigh Sniffen

  8. Dear Bob & Kay

    Dear Bob & Kay, whenever you all cross my lips in Prayer, I Can’t help but Smile and close my eyes and see all of us we all are in a congo line Singing and PraisingOur Awesome Loving God in Communion with The Father, Son, and Spirit As we Share in this Great Dance of of being Joyfully included How Blessed we all are, Happy to know we are in this wondweful Family, of GCI Please overlook my spelling and grammar. But I bet you will remember Pine Lake to carry you through this time in you’re life. Be Blessed I’ll always feel joy when I pray for you Love Linda ?C. Baron and now Mike as well

  9. Dear Robert, it was good to make phone contact with you recently. I will pray for healing for both of you and I will have our congregation pray for you. With love, Michael Roberts

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