Kenyan refugees

arrival at airportWe are rejoicing that four more refugees from our congregation located in the Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya have been allowed to relocate to Ottawa, Canada. The four refugees (shown arriving in Canada at right) are members of a family of eight. The rest of the family will arrive later. The Canadian government allowed the family to immigrate due to their established relationship with Nova Musafiri, who previously pastored GCI’s congregation in the Kakuma refugee camp.

According to Gary Moore (GCI-Canada director and mission developer) the family is temporarily housed in a government reception house and is already attending GCI’s Ottawa congregation where they recently performed special music with Nova’s wife Joseline (singing a song with the appropriate title, Oza Malamu, meaning God Is So Good). As Gary noted, “This family has many adjustments to make, but with prayer, hard work and support from others, I’m sure their hopes for a better life for both themselves and their children will become a reality.”