Developments in Togo and Tanzania

Kalengule Kaoma, one of GCI’s mission developers in Africa, reports on recent developments in the African nations of Togo and Tanzania.

Developments in Togo

In February, members of GCI’s Lome congregation in Togo planted a church in the town of Kpodzi Apéyémé about 35 miles from Lome. The congregation is named Porte Divine (Divine Gate). Its attendance averages about 90 people, including Agbagnons Kossi, the senior chief who oversees seven villages in the area.

Another project of the Lome congregation is the Social Medical Center, a health center in the Lome area that provides medical services to women and young children. It’s part of GCI Togo’s contribution to national development. To be ready for its opening in September 2016, the facility’s pharmacy, laboratory, treatment and doctors’ consultation rooms need to be completed and fundraising is underway.

Lome congregation
L to R: Social Medical Center; treatment room at the Center; church plant attendees.

While visiting Lome, Kalengule participated in the baptism of six new members held at the Lome Worship Center.

Lome baptisms
L to R: Baptism ceremony; newly baptized members; praise team at the Sunday service.

Developments in Tanzania

Kalengule has been in contact since 2009 with representatives of 20 Sabbatarian churches in Tanzania with a combined attendance of about 800 people. Over the intervening years, these congregations have experienced a grace-awakening similar to ours. As a result, they recently decided to affiliate with us, taking on the GCI name.

L to R: Leaders of the Tanzanian churches now affiliated with us; one of those congregations.

In 2010 we began a relationship with ten other Sabbatarian congregations in Tanzania. They have a combined attendance of about 260 people. These congregations also have chosen to affiliate with us, joining hands in preaching the gospel in southwest Kenya and the Mara region of Tanzania. Here are some of their leaders:

7th Day leaders

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  1. Thanks much for this update. These are exciting developments. It has been a real privilege for the German churches to have had the opportunity from the very beginning to partner with the building of the Social Medical Center in Togo.

  2. It is indeed encouraging to observe that the voice of GCI is penetrating such areas. May the Lord continue to bless the positive developments, uplifting the atoning power of the gospel.

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