Recent ordinations

ordinationChurch Administration and Development recently announced that the following men and women have been ordained elders in GCI. Congratulations to each one, and to the congregations in which they serve.

  • Margarita Bahinting (10/4/15) Talisay, Cebu PHILIPPINES
  • Rolan Laniba (10/4/15) Mactan, Cebu PHILIPPINES
  • Daniel Rakotondrabary (10/6/15) Antsirabe MADAGASCAR
  • Richard Ablordeppey (12/27/15) New Ashongman, Accra GHANA
  • Abraham Asante-Manteaw (12/27/15) New Ashongman, Accra GHANA
  • Apolonio Makahiya (1/17/16) San Pablo, Laguna PHILIPPINES
  • Tracy Winborne (1/24/16) Kings Mountain, NC
  • Anthony Auernheimer (4/23/16) Tontitown, AR
  • David Allen (4/24/16) Columbia, SC

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