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Advent videos

We are pleased to make available to our congregations and members four Advent-themed videos recently produced by GCI Media. These videos will make good sermon illustrations and small group discussion-starters. You’ll find them on GCI’s website at https://www.gci.org/letter/advent2016, and they will be featured, one at a time, in a “Speaking of Life” series during Advent.


5 thoughts on “Advent videos”

  1. 1st video today was a wonderful and welcome surprise. Thank you so much. Beautiful graphics, short and to the point, leaving us in no doubt who is our hope. Well done and thanks again. I look forward to the next one.

    1. Peter, one way to do the transfering is to download the video off the GCI website to your device using YTD Video Downloader (available for free at https://www.ytddownloader.com/). Another way to do it is the go to GCI’s Vimeo page (at https://vimeo.com/gracecommunion), click on the video you wish to download, then scroll down on the page the loads and click on “download”–various options will appear; click on the one you like and it will download to your computer or other device.

  2. While I love the idea of these videos, those of us with hearing problems will not be able to enjoy them as much as others might since the background noise overpowers what is being spoken. Add to that the “whispered” way in which these are spoken, and it is nearly impossible to make out the words. While I don’t desire to be critical, I thought you should know these things.

  3. Thanks Thomas for the input. Please note that both transcripts and close captioning are available for the hearing impaired and those with hearing disabilities.

    Closed Captioning is available via YouTube and the transcripts are found on the GCI.org show page at http://www.gci.org/SpOL495.

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