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Neil Earle retires

Joseph Tkach expresses his gratitude to the Earles

New Covenant Fellowship, GCI’s congregation in Glendora, California, recently honored Neil and Susan Earle on the occasion of Neil’s retirement as an employed GCI pastor.

Neil commented in his final church report:

So this is Neil and Susan Earle signing off after 44 years’ service to WCG/GCI and 20 years here in the wonderful Glendora church…. It is now a great privilege to look back and be part of the tradition in this congregation that includes Pastors Ken Swisher, Carn Catherwood, and Dennis Wheatcroft. Upwards and Onwards!

earle-retirement-cakeWe send our thanks and congratulations to the Earles!

Church Administration and Development has announced that Bermie Dizon will replace Neil as the lead pastor of the Glendora congregation.

It has been a busy time for Neil and Susan. Not only have they been involved in the handoff of the congregation to the Dizons, they recently participated in the 125th anniversary of St. Luke’s Episcopal church in Monrovia, California, where (as pictured below) they manned a display on behalf of the Southern California chapter of the C.S. Lewis Society where Neil is serving as interim director. St. Luke’s regard for C.S. Lewis is demonstrated by the stained glass window in their building that features Lewis (see the picture at bottom).



16 thoughts on “Neil Earle retires”

  1. Congratulations dear friends, and thank you for your many years of service to God’s people! May the Lord guide and richly bless you in the next chapter of your lives! Ray and Carol Meyer

  2. Congratulations: perhaps our path will cross again as they did in Toronto, Ontario. May you and Susan truly enjoy your retirement.

  3. Congratulations Neil and Susan!!
    We can take this journey into the unknown and what God has next for us, together! Glen and Connie Weber

  4. Hey Neil,
    We have worked together on various publishing programs since 1968/9 that’s about 50 years since the old days in Bricket wood till now .. All of it for the Kingdom. We may be one of the longest serving partnerships in the church. As old friends Anthea and I send our warmest regards to you and Susan for a future that looks bright for you both. Remember what Winston said K.X.X

  5. Thank you pastor Neil for taking the time this past year getting together with me as we transition the two congregations into one. You have been like a brother to me. I appreciate your wisdom. God be with you and Susan as you begin a new chapter in your life and ministry.

  6. Dear Neil and Susan,
    Congratulations on your retirement! But I must warn you – God will no doubt open doors for you to continue to serve in different directions and ways. So just look forward to what he has next for you both, and don’t get too “comfortable” in the “retirement mindset!”
    Larry Dietrich

  7. Dear Neil,

    Many NACHFOLGE readers and subscribers are indebted to you for the fine and intellectually stimulating articles you have so graciously been contributing to our magazine over the years. We do hope, of course, that many more pages bearing your signature will follow.

    There is no business like HIS business. And so, we are certain that you will both continue serving Jesus’ church in new and exciting ways as the waves roll on.

    From all of us across the big pond…THANK YOU!!!

  8. May GOD continue to bless and keep you and give you peace on this new journey in life you are embarking on. Hope all your dreams of retirement comes true for you. It can and will be an exciting time for you guys, although an adjustment. Be blessed and continue to be a blessing. Thank you for your faithful service to GOD’s people for so many years.

  9. Thank you both for your amazing contributions and examples in the past, and we look forward to seeing your continued ministry work into the future. You might be retiring from a salary and an active title, but there are still many stimulating and productive days ahead.

  10. Hi Folks; Just a guy from Windsor On.Thanks for all your spiritual input over the many years of service.Happy retirement and health for you both.We’ll keep an eye on both of you in the future to see what happens.God bless you and keep you safe.With regards,Ernie Girard.

  11. I never thought of you as retiring. But then I never expected to retire either.

    Best of retirement wishes to you and Susan from Jim and Dyan Kotow in Calgary, Alberta.

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