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Had enough of church growth lists?

In a recent blog post, small church expert Karl Vaters declared he has stopped reading those “Ten Reasons Why Your Church Isn’t Growing” lists. Instead, he advocates a positive approach that encourages leaders of small churches to pursue achievable strategies. To read his post, click here.

2 thoughts on “Had enough of church growth lists?”

  1. I very much empathize with the expressed sentiment. To “lists” there seems to be no end. This is Jesus’ church and He will provide in due time and as He deems fit. Trust in the Lord, love your neighbors and keep spreading the Gospel. The rest, is commentary.

  2. I too have read many articles “How to Grow the Church” and am weary of all the wonderful contributions. God KNOWS how and when to grow the “Church” and that is HIS JOB. As a very small congregation of 10 we would love to grow our congregation in numbers (Not sure I am qualified to lead such growth)but am willing to lead the present flock as God inspires but admit to “feelings” of “failure” to increase growth. Jesus said it is HIS church and I refuse to believe Satan’s pressure of saying we are failing. JESUS DOES NOT FAIL! I have always felt – DO NOT DESPISE THE SMALL THINGS OF GOD. Santiago is right -if we teach only one God will multiply the one as He sees fit. God is Great – All the time!

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