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New pastors conference

GCI-USA recently held an orientation conference for new pastors at the Home Office in Glendora, California. Attendees (pictured below) included 20 new pastoral leaders, their spouses, and the GCI support staff that coordinated the conference and made presentations. These new pastoral leaders recently began (or soon will begin) serving as lead pastors, members of pastoral teams, or pastoral residents (pastors-in-training). During the conference they received instruction concerning biblical interpretation and GCI doctrine, worship planning and preaching, missional ministry strategy, ministry coaching, pastoral counseling, GCI policies, and information technology.

Over the next few months we’ll be publishing in the “Up Close and Personal” feature here in Weekly Update, short videos introducing these new pastors (click here to watch two of them now). We think you’ll be encouraged to see what God is doing to call new pastoral leaders to serve our congregations.

Group photo with new pastors, spouses and conference coordinators and presenters.
Here are a few of the conference presenters (L to R): Greg Williams,
Mark Mounts, Ted Johnston, Joseph Tkach, Mat Morgan.
Greg Williams and Michelle Fleming address the conference.
Gary Deddo presented two lectures, one on interpreting Scripture and the other on teaching GCI doctrine. To view videos of the lectures, click here and here.