Emotionally healthy leaders

Church leaders face many challenges related to their effectiveness, particularly as it relates to emotional health. Peter Scazzaro has written a thought-provoking article on this topic titled “Top 10 Challenges to Being an Emotionally Healthy Leader.” To read the article, click here, and here is a list of the challenges:

  1. Deep Loving Union and Surrender
  2. High Self-Awareness
  3. Deep Brokenness and Vulnerability
  4. Limits
  5. Lifelong Learning
  6. Truth
  7. Wise Counsel
  8. Your Marriage or Singleness
  9. Say “No”

One thought on “Emotionally healthy leaders”

  1. Thanks for sharing this very helpful read. There is much of which to reflect on here, both for our impact on others and others’ impact on us, as we seek to do the will of he who sends us.

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