GCI Denominational Conference

As noted in Dr. Tkach’s letter, GCI recently held its Denominational Conference in Orlando, Florida. Its theme, We Are GCI!, was celebrated by about 1,000 members and friends who travelled to the conference from 29 countries. The conference included a ceremony in which about 30 students graduated from Grace Communion Seminary. Below is a video with highlights of the conference and below that are pictures of the conference and the graduation.

On YouTube at https://youtu.be/yupDm-93gn0

Conference plenary session audience
Conference choir

Grace Communion Seminary graduates
GCS faculty and Board of Directors
Jeffrey Broadnax gives the graduating student address

One thought on “GCI Denominational Conference”

  1. This was such an educational and joyful celebration! I learned so much and met so many wonderful brothers and sisters from around the world and the US!
    Thank you to all of the hard working people who worked to make it so.
    I AM GCI!

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