Tom Smith

Tom Smith, pastor of GCI’s congregation in the Pittsburgh, PA, area, was admitted to the hospital recently experiencing shortness of breath. Initial tests indicated he had a mild heart attack. A heart catheterization confirmed the diagnosis and stents were inserted to open two blocked arteries and medications were prescribed to deal with his congestive heart failure.

Pam and Tom Smith

The doctor told Tom’s wife Pam that if Tom had not come in immediately when experiencing shortness of breath, he “probably would have come in on a stretcher.” Thanks to the many who already have been praying for Tom. Prayer is requested for his full recovery.

Card’s may be sent to:

Tom and Pam Smith
346 Steele St
Monroeville, PA 15146-4656

9 thoughts on “Tom Smith”

  1. Dear Tom & Pam
    We here in the Wilson congregation send our love and prayers for God’s blessing in your health and continued service to those there.
    Love, Don

  2. Dear Tom and Pam,

    Thanks much for the privilege of allowing your family around the world to pray for you. In the multitude of numbers there is strength. Many saints will be interceding for you. The prayer of the righteous, we believe, avails much. And so, we hold fast in confidence.

    In Him,
    Santiago and Elke

  3. Hello Tom. Long-time admirer, first-time responder. So that big heart of yours finally asked for a little help to carry the load of all the folks that you have allowed to share a part of it for so many years. Your warmth and humor have inspired us all. Take care of yourself and get well soon so you can continue to spread the Gospel of joy to all around you. Love to you, Pam and the family.

  4. Remembering you well from past brief connections, we pray for your full recovery to a level of service you can handle from here on. Love in HIM JR & HBR

  5. My youth pastor who picked us “teenagers ” mercilessly. Tom we will be praying for love you brother. Miss you guys.

  6. Tom and Pam, Greetings from Birmingham, England! I pray that God strengthens and heals you quickly and thank Him for your loyal service. The Pittsburgh congregation is dear to my heart as I remember with fondness my brief 3-month stay while posted there by my employer in the winter of 2014… love and regards to the whole congregation.

  7. Believe that you are certainly in our prayers and we hope your recovery is going smoothly. We love you very much. You have been one of our greatest encouragers and definitely our wittiest friends. We love you very much!

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