Death of elder’s wife

We were shocked and saddened to learn of the recent, tragic death of Carole Grinnell, wife of GCI elder Bob Grinnell who serves as the facilitator of our fellowship group that meets in Good Hope, AL.

Bob and Carole, along with their daughter Debbie, were on a camping trip to attend automobile races at the Talladega Speedway when Carole accidently stepped on a bed of fire ants and died suddenly—apparently from an allergic reaction. Bob and Carole had recently celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. Carole, who was 77, was in good health overall.

Cards may be sent to:

Bob Grinnell
44 Co Rd 1347
Vinemont, AL 35179

3 thoughts on “Death of elder’s wife”

  1. Dear Bob,

    We are praying for you. Please, do accept our deepest condolences. We lack the words to encourage you in the way we yearn to do. But, the Holy Spirit, the great Comforter, will reach out to you in this terrible hour to uphold you. Hold on to Him.

    In Christ,
    Santiago and Elke

  2. Dear Bob, Debbie our hearts are full of love for you .
    God Almighty bless and keep you .
    Carlton, Judy

  3. Unable to really comment about such a sudden, disastrous accident, just know that caring peers and believers are in your corner, Bob. The good, the bad and the ugly all work together for good for lovers of God and His purposes.
    Love in HIM JR & HBR

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