GCS intensives

Grace Communion Seminary recently held two courses using a short-term “intensive” class format.

Church Planting

On July 23-26, GCS faculty member Randy Bloom conducted an intensive class in Church Planting. The class, attended by six students from the U.S. and U.K., was held in GCI’s Home Office in Charlotte, NC. At the end of the intensive, Randy conducted a communion service, attended by most of the GCI home office staff. Doing so accentuated the joy and unity experienced throughout the week. Here is a video with pictures of the class:

On YouTube at https://youtu.be/S9P60INiWOg.


On June 25-28, GCS faculty member Dan Rogers conducted an intensive class in Homiletics. The week-long intensive portion of the course, held in Cincinnati, was preceded by seven weeks of online work. During the intensive, the five students each gave three sermons. All agreed that meeting together face-to-face was dynamic and helpful, providing interaction, mutual critique, encouragement, and fellowship. One of the students, Anthony Mullins, shared this:

The intensive was a great success. Tangible growth took place in all the students over the course of a few days together. The relational bonding was exceptional as well. All the students mentioned they could not imagine taking the course online without the intensive. Thanks to Dan for his competent teaching guidance.