We Are GCI: Leadership Profile

“We Are GCI Series” is a collection of videos where various GCI family members are highlighted.
In this episode, GCI President, Dr. Greg Williams interviews newly appointed GCI Superintendent of North American, Michael Rasmussen. Mike shares a little about his story and how he plans on moving the vision of GCI “Healthy Church” forward in his area of supervision.

One thought on “We Are GCI: Leadership Profile”

  1. Thanks much for helping us progressively better understand the details and the spirit underlining the “healthy leadership” concept. I totally resonate with the importance of leaders not just “talking the walk, but walking the talk”. To “grow as we know” entails both understanding and action

    I appreciate getting to know, you Mike, via the interview. Wish you all the best in this new role.

    God for us, with us and through us.


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