ACCM Intensive Course at Celebration West

This follow-up article was written by Anthony Mullins, GCI National Coordinator in charge of developing Pastoral Residents, Interns and Coaching. Anthony led an ACCM Intensive course on Christian Leadership directly following the Regional Celebration West on April 8 and 9.

We concluded the Portland intensive with ten credit students and one audit. It was a highly participatory atmosphere with rich interaction. I focused our time on the Christology of our Leader, Servant-Leadership, Team-Based Leadership, Coaching, Healthy Pastoral Leadership in the Community, and Formation.

I began the teaching by stating my motivation; they would all become a little better in their ministerial calling. What excites me is ten of the eleven participants requested to have a GCI-certified coach as a result of the class. It’s outstanding to know they will have the guidance, perspective, and accountability that comes with coaching, going forward. Several of them are currently working on a Ministry Action Plan.

The participants were highly complimentary of the depth of the workbook material. Well done ACCM team!