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Be Still

a man sits on the edge of a path surrounded by traffic and busy city streets

Be still and know that I am God.

Be still. Amidst the hurry, flurry and worry of modern life – be still.

But we are always on the go – productivity rules, the demands never cease. You know how the conversation goes: “How are you doing?”. “Oh, I’m extremely busy.” This is the cultural expectation. Pretty soon life revolves around what we are doing and have yet to do. Our pressures, stresses, and urgent demands. Oh yes, we may talk to God once in a while – especially to ask him for help, his blessings, success, and the like. But “be still”? Maybe next week, next year.

It can be challenging to get off the treadmill and find a still point. Guilt, fear and anxiety break in. What we “should” be doing. And there’s usually a cacophony of noise, distractions, and interruptions.

That’s why learning to be still is a spiritual discipline. It takes intentional focus, choice and time. It means making room for devotional times. Just us and God. Not to withdraw completely from the world, but to better enable us to reengage in the world and contribute to community. It takes devotion to pay attention to the things that really matter – to contemplate the marvel, majesty, glory and love of God. What could be more wonderful to contemplate than who God is, revealed to us in Jesus.

Prayer: Lord, help us find our rest in you. Help us escape the tyranny of hurry, flurry and worry, and in the midst of life, help us find time and space to contemplate you. May we be still, and see you for who you really are.

John McLean Portrait


By John McLean
Brisbane, Australia


3 thoughts on “Be Still”

  1. Thanks John for this reflection. So very true. In some cases, it appears that only severe personal trials will “force us” to really pause and to take stock of those things that have eternal value. At least, that has been true in my case. Pain can in that sense become a blessing helping us focus on the ONE who will never forsake us and who is able to give is the shalom we all need.

  2. Thanks John for reminding us to be still and listen to Him who is our Peace! All our worries, and fears that seem so big to us and important can’t compare to the work God has accomplished for us all in reconciling His Creation in Himself! The relationship we now are given to share in Christ who has delivered us from all sin that so easily upsets us! Heb 12:1-3

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