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Incorporating the Bertrams Congregation into GCI

I am excited to announce that last Sunday we formally incorporated Bertrams congregation as a GCI congregation! Bertrams was started by Pastor Gideon, who emigrated to Canada a few years ago. He then joined GCI in Canada, and recommended that the church he planted in Bertrams, Johannesburg, South Africa must join GCI as he left them without any structural support. We thank God for the blessing of coming together with them in the ministry of Christ.


We installed Pastor Issa Kwigomba as the Lead Pastor of the Bertrams congregation. We had over 140 people in attendance during the service to celebrate the incorporation of the congregation into GCI. We were also celebrating two baptisms, and we shared a meal afterward. In Bertrams, I experienced a Healthy Church. They are missional, generous, loving, caring, with an excellent mix of children, youth and adults. Their Love, Hope and Faith venues are strong. I had a very blessed time of fellowship with them.


Kind Regards,
Margaret Musekwa

4 thoughts on “Incorporating the Bertrams Congregation into GCI”

  1. Such refreshing news to share. May they and us all continue to grow in grace and love.


  2. Good news. All glory to the Truine God- Father Son and Holy Spirit. May the gospel continue to be lived and shared amongst the members!

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