We Are Not What We Experience

Many in this world have experienced horrible, almost unspeakable circumstances. They have been brought on by war, violence, illnesses, loss, and abandonment. These experiences mold us and shape us; we develop defenses in an attempt to avoid being hurt more or forget the pain we currently have. Unfortunately, the defenses don’t seem to “fix” the problem. So what do we need? Maybe the answer is simpler than we realize—maybe we need a “safe place.” But is this safe place a literal location? Or is it a “state of mind”?

Jesus came to this earth with the intention of experiencing all the evil that one could do to another. Why would he do this? Maybe it’s so we could begin to consider that God himself has experienced the worst this world has to offer…and it didn’t affect who or what he is. When he ascended to the Father, he took with him all the horrible experiences one could do to another, and he paid the price for them. He is now offering us an identity that is in his love, which has no conditions attached…It’s a “safe place to be.” This is what he is offering all of mankind. So, we are not what we experienced. It had a profound effect on us, but it is not “who we are.” We are unconditionally loved children of God in Jesus and there is no safer place. (Romans 8:17)

Prayer: Dear Father, Son, and Spirit, let me sense your presence in the midst of times of darkness and sorrow. This is not what I am…I am unconditionally loved by you.

Mark Mounts


By Mark Mounts

7 thoughts on “We Are Not What We Experience”

    1. Thanks Mark for reminding us that our circumstances do not make us what we are but we are what we are by the grace of God & He is always with us! 1 Cor 15:10, Ps 139:7-8

  1. Thanks much Mark for so thoughtfully reminding us that “true reality” is not shaped or determined by our own circumstances, but by our Lord. In Him we move and have our being and in Him all the eternal and life giving promises find the ”Amen”.

  2. This is not What I Am! My experiences and circumstances don’t define me. I am loved by God, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Very Encouraging!

  3. Thank you Mark for reminding us again what our true identity is a children of God!

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