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Pastor Appreciation

GCI President, Dr. Greg Williams, gives an update on Grace Communion International.
He highlights October being Pastor Appreciation month and how appreciative we are for our pastors in GCI.
We say THANK YOU for your service and sacrifice!

4 thoughts on “Pastor Appreciation”

  1. And we thank you too, Greg!
    Many blessings from Hans and Denise de Moei, The Netherlands

  2. GCI Germany joins in thanking you, Greg, and the Charlotte team for your dedication to the Lord. May the Father of Lights from whom all good things come provide for your every need and continue to give you guidance and wisdom in the many services you supply to our fellowship.

    “When I began to count my blessings, my life changed”.

    – Willie Nelson

    In Him,
    GCI Germany

  3. And thanks to you Greg and to the rest of the team at HQ for your service of love. I pray every day God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit is with you and that you may be filled with God’s love and peace and wisdom for you to continue guiding us in the WAY.

  4. Thanks Greg for reminding us to give thanks for our Pastors in the church, they are a gift from God to help us in the Body to be nourished in the Lord, helping us to partake of His Joy, and as we do we all bear witness to Him, the greatest servant of all! 1 Tim 4:6

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