Crossing Borders Winter Shoebox Mission

Here is a note to any who over the years have been supporters of the winter “shoebox mission trip” by Crossing Borders, and to any folks who want to know how they can help now.

Did you know this December 6-9 will be CB’s 14th winter trip (and 28th mission trip overall)? Some of you have been a part of that ride for many years, and we thank you very much. As always, we need the support of folks like you to make these trips actually happen, and to be able to share blessings from God with the folks we go to serve in Mexico.

We need:

Shoebox gifts – Boxes filled with necessities and fun stuff for children. Last year we had a decrease in the number of shoeboxes donated, so we had to ration the number of boxes we could share with each ministry partner and event. I pray that this winter we can increase the number of shoeboxes we can give away to those cute kids made in God’s image, and who actually NEED and appreciate the items in the boxes. If you or your group can provide shoebox gifts, that’s wonderful. If you know of some other group that could help with this, please let them know about the need and the blessing, and point them to our website for details. Go to: and click on the Shoebox Ministry tab. Boxes can be shipped directly to our housing facility on the border, and they need to arrive there no later than December 5.

Prayers – We are in the midst of our detailed planning for the upcoming trip. There are multiple contacts to be made (often through difficult communication channels), safety and financial issues to consider, an events schedule to be decided upon, applications flowing in, the health and spiritual challenges of our Mexico ministry partners, travel plans to arrange, shoeboxes to prepare, ship and receive, and more. We solicit your prayers as this final month fills up with preparation and then the actual event happens on December 6-9 when up to 28 CB missionaries spend two days reflecting the love of God, the joy of Jesus, and the hope of the Spirit to hundreds of adults and children in some very needy places in Mexico.

Other miscellaneous items – People also make or purchase blankets (adult-size and baby-size), quilts, scarves, homemade toys, heavy cloth totes with handles (great for moms of infants), baby items such as powder, lotion, pacifier, onesies, rattles, baby bottles, diapers etc. (which we pack up onsite in the totes). Be creative; it’s all good! (NO clothes or shoes, please [except for the baby items]).

If you have questions, feel free to call either Lee Berger, director (903-746-4463) or Steve Solari, assistant director (615-480-0826).