Worship Calendar Explained

GCI President, Dr. Greg Williams, gives an update on Grace Communion International. He shares the importance of a worship calendar to help churches keep Jesus at the center of our church services and rhythms.

5 thoughts on “Worship Calendar Explained”

  1. Thanks much for this colorful and helpful overview of our Christ centered annual liturgical calendar.

  2. Good to hear these things but social inclusion is important meaning access for people with disabilities for example having interpreters and subtitles in videos to include deaf people.

  3. Thanks Greg for describing the purpose of the liturgy calendar to keep us focused onto Jesus Christ, to see Him more and more clearly. To see the light that is His Life now shining in us and as we are enabled now we can trust in Him for Our Salvation and our unity in whom we are all to speak the same thing. We celebrate Him & rejoice in Him as we now live in Him to be as He is! 1 Jn 4:17

  4. Keeping our focus on Christ, optional worship on Israelite feast days/seasons preserves valuable symbols of our WCG/GCI journey. For example, pinning the incarnation (John 1:14) onto the Feast of Tabernacles, rather than the summer solstice, is a rich fit in the flow of scripture.

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