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President’s Video: Denominational Vision

Program Transcript

As we wind down 2020 and look forward toward 2021, it is a good time to think about our highest priorities as a global fellowship.

As I travel the world and interact with our Superintendents and Regional Directors, the unified answer to the question of “What is our greatest need?” is the development of new leaders. Our church is aging and if we are not investing in younger men and women then our future could be in jeopardy.

At the denominational level, we have been listening and are continuing to respond in tangible ways. We have Grace Communion Seminary offering graduate-level degrees in theology and pastoral ministry, and we have Ambassador College of Christian Ministry offering a Ministry Certificate that is being utilized in many regions of GCI. The vision of “Healthy Church” means that we have educated pastors and ministry leaders.

We have been making progress in becoming more educated, but we have further to go. In churches where “Team-based Pastor-led” is being utilized, the Faith, Hope, and Love ministry champions could easily enroll in classes that can enhance their knowledge base. I highly recommend that these ministry champions make the effort to enroll in a class and see how stimulating and helpful this experience can be, especially if you take courses together. There is something dynamic about being in a learning group that is also practicing ministry shoulder to shoulder. Be courageous and take this next step and sign up for an upcoming class.

The development of a new generation of leaders means that we must have practical learning opportunities where these emerging leaders can get their hands dirty and be able to skin their knees doing meaningful ministry. All GCI churches are making efforts toward better church health and all healthy churches should be practical training grounds developing new leaders, yet we have some spots where there is greater capacity and greater opportunity for young adults to learn. We are calling these sites “Ministry Training Centers” (MTCs).

MTC sites will work with interns who are undergraduate students who will be immersed in the Faith, Hope, and Love ministries of the church. Then the secondary level will be pastoral residents who are specifically learning pastoral skills. Working with these young men and women takes careful, focused attention over 4-6 years. It isn’t a rapid process, it is, however, methodical, and thorough, and will serve us well for the future of GCI with new leaders who are carefully prepared.

It costs $6,200 per year to provide the learning opportunity for an intern, and it costs $25,900 per year to support a pastoral resident as they pursue a master’s degree from Grace Communion Seminary, and simultaneously serve longer hours in the life of their church. Please understand that the interns and pastoral residents will be trained in fundraising skills and be required to raise a significant portion of their income and it is our hope that this experience will prepare them for future roles in church leadership. Their fundraising efforts will reinforce the program for others who come behind them.

Surrey Hills, Oklahoma, on the west side of Oklahoma City, is our first official MTC in the US. Their building, designed to house an MTC will be completed in 2021. We will continue to update this church’s progress as they engage in their neighborhood and intentionally work to develop younger leaders.

The church there was chosen because they have a dynamic leadership team that is well connected in the neighborhood and is already actively ministering. This project is a large undertaking and one that will require financial help through their infancy stage as they seek to add new members from the surrounding neighborhood. Operation expenses that involve utilities, internet, custodial, and maintenance will cost around $90,000 per year. The local church is sharing these costs and is planning to become completely financially self-sustaining within a few years, but this will take time and diligence. Paying for operations is not the most exciting part of ministry, yet these are real needs that either make or break a church.

In the US, we have established a GCNext fund to help underwrite the process and programs for developing new leaders. Donations to this fund will perpetuate the MTC strategy for developing a new generation of leaders.

I am working with our six Superintendents around the world to follow the pattern of establishing GCNext funding in their regions, to formalize an internship program that fits their context, and to identify their potential MTC sites. As this global network gets established, we will coordinate the operation of these sites under the guiding leadership of Cara Garrity.

Cara is a product of the intern / pastoral resident program, and now she is at the helm working with others to refine and improve our efforts. I invite you to watch the interview that I did with Cara and hear her story on the video interview series “We Are GCI” which will be released on the next issue of GCI Update.

If you are compelled to get behind the MTC strategy and the development of interns and pastoral residents, and we hope you will, please send your financial gift to the GCNext . Please consider making this gift in addition to your regular donations so current local missional operations will continue to be sustained. This additional gift will be an investment in the future of GCI as we participate with Jesus to grow his kingdom.

The Lord has been generous to GCI in providing us with good people and gracefully allowing us to learn how to best develop the next generation. We have good, dedicated senior leaders in place who are working with sound development strategies, and our programs are already spawning new innovative leaders. It is our long-range vision to have a network of successful MTCs around the world in addition to other healthy churches that are spawning new leaders. We are making the initial steps to take us in this direction.  We envision every congregation participating with Jesus mentoring new leaders and being the church in their neighborhood. Healthy organisms reproduce and grow!

Your partnership with us through prayers and financial offerings is an investment in the next generation of pastors and ministry leaders. It is a great season for GCI, and we thank you for your participation!

I am Greg Williams updating you about the life of the church. 

To send your financial gift to the GCNext fund visit gci.org/give2gcnext

GCI President, Dr. Greg Williams, gives an update on the life of Grace Communion International. He talks about our plans for the future of the denomination and addresses the question, what is our greatest need?

For further reading on our denominational vision, please check out our next issue for an article from Dr. Kerry Magruder about the strategy for Ministry Training Centers (MTC’s) across the global landscape of GCI.

Additional content will be coming out in future issues as well, including a video interview with GCI Development Coordinator, Cara Garrity, who will oversee the development of current and future MTCs.

Gratitude Leads to Joy

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100:4-5

One of the things God has been telling me lately is this: “I created you to enjoy life to the fullest, and to give thanks in every situation.”

With all the calamities that have occurred this year and those still occurring as I write, it seems counterintuitive to enjoy life at this time while practicing gratitude. How can I be joyful and thankful when it seems like the world around me is falling apart and everything I thought was stable is now crumbling before my very eyes?

There’s a reason why joy and gratitude are intimately connected. Joy and gratitude are often mentioned together throughout Scripture, and this is precisely because it is impossible to be negative when we are grateful. It’s as if God created this inherent connection between thankfulness and joy.

Author and mindfulness instructor, Tamara Levitt, said, “It is not our circumstances that create gratitude, but rather our perception of our circumstances.”

Contrary to what many might believe, gratitude doesn’t just come to us. Gratitude doesn’t just happen to us. The powerful practice of gratitude is a daily, conscious choice. And the more we practice it, the more receptive we are to the peace that surpasses all understanding in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7). Our tendency toward negativity gets interrupted as we practice non-judgmental awareness of our thoughts. So the more we consciously and patiently choose gratitude in any given situation, the more we can enjoy life and enjoy it to the fullest.

I have a great quote that hangs on my wall at home and it reminds me every day: “Enjoy every single moment. The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments. And THANK GOD through it all.”

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, thank you that you are the reason I can give thanks in every situation and enjoy life to the fullest. I surrender my thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions to be transformed daily by you.


By Jillian Morrison
Associate Pastor
Grace Life, Glendora, CA


A Letter from the CFO: Challenges, Opportunities, and Blessings

Mat Morgan, CFO

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I pray you are well during this unusual time. Who could have known that 2020 would be so full of surprises! COVID-19 pandemic, economic and job turmoil, civil protests, and an earthquake in North Carolina have made this a year to remember, and summer has just barely ended! I have heard some say that they are staying up until midnight on December 31, not to celebrate the beginning of a new year, but to make sure that 2020 does not stick around!

We are blessed to know that our future is secure in Christ. With challenges also come opportunities, growth, and blessings. Shared below are a few of these challenges, opportunities, and blessings as well as some insight into GCI finances so far this year.


As you might expect, the pandemic that has shuttered many organizations and forced many out of work has affected GCI operating income this year. Overall, income (excluding Paycheck Protection Program funds) as of June 30 was down roughly 6% from 2019. We pray that in God’s timing, the world will reopen fully, and that donation income will stabilize. Apportionment and estate income have been most affected by the pandemic since many churches have not met in person for many weeks. Thank you to the faithful donors who have continued to support and even increased your giving when others have not been able. Your faithfulness is inspiring.

Another challenge has been the necessary postponement of celebrations and learning and fellowship opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. Much work, preparation and excitement were focused on the international celebration in Charlotte, two regional celebrations in Africa, and other leadership gatherings in 2020. Most of these events have been postponed and funds reallocated to provide successful events for 2021. Like you, we dearly miss the opportunities to fellowship and learn with our brothers and sisters from around the globe, and we look forward to celebrating with you in 2021 knowing that this absence will make these celebrations even better!

Opportunities and Blessings

We have cheered as many Grace Communion International (GCI) congregations began offering online worship services and online giving opportunities. I believe Home Office efforts to provide tools to help congregations with online giving options starting last year was Spirit-led and has helped some congregations thrive in the middle of the pandemic. My hat is off to those who have taken advantage of these tools and have expanded their online ministry reach, despite ongoing challenges. Some congregations have reached new members online that they will have the pleasure of meeting in person when physical worship services resume. Recently, I spoke with a GCI pastor who said that donations have increased 30% from last year because of the online worship, Bible study, and prayer groups that they offered! Please see some giving resources that have helped congregations succeed with online giving. The COVID-19 closures may linger for some time so these tools may yet prove useful.

an artist's rendering of the Ministry Training Center
An artist’s rendering of the completed MTC.

Another exciting opportunity moving forward during this year of challenges is the construction of a church and Ministry Training Center (MTC) in Oklahoma City. This facility will soon serve the vibrant local church and its surrounding community, providing a GCI training arena for new interns and pastoral residents in the U.S. Central Region and beyond. A groundbreaking ceremony anchored by prayer took place August 15 commemorating the start of this project. The construction phase is expected to take about 12 months.

A three photo collage including a photo of Mike Rasmussen, Mat Morgan, and Greg Williams breaking ground at the MTC location.
Photos from the Groundbreaking event.


The Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPP), a bipartisan bill designed to help organizations, including churches, during this challenging economic environment has been a tremendous blessing. GCI qualified for approximately $1.2 million of PPP benefits, a majority of which were given to eligible congregations in the form of reimbursed salaries, benefits, rent and utility expenses.

With fewer events, we have been able to update the Planned Giving Reference Chart and mail it to all congregations and donors. It is also available online in pdf form. This chart can be used by individuals or congregations to help explore planned giving opportunities. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about planned giving options for your local members. See the contact information within the brochure.

The U.S. church was able to bless our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and the Bahamas through the Disaster Relief Fund this year. Approximately $9000 was sent to aid members affected by the Taal Volcano eruption in the Philippines, and $24,000 was also sent to the Philippines to stabilize church operations, fulfilling urgent needs caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Disaster assistance of $9,700 was sent to help members in the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian in 2020, following $23,000 sent in 2019.

On behalf of our brothers and sisters in the Philippines and the Bahamas, “thank you” to all the churches who have contributed to this fund so that it stands ready in times like these. Just as God forgave us before we knew that we needed it, you have provided help before the need arose. Thank you for your generous examples!

Among other updates and blessings that are too numerous to mention, is the completion of our annual combined external audit of GCI and Grace Communion Seminary (GCS), both receiving positive unqualified reports, and the accreditation of GCS through 2025. If you are a life-long learner and want to receive a quality, accredited masters-level Christian education, check out GCS at https://www.gcs.edu/.

If you would like to receive a copy of the annual GCI audit and you are a member in good standing, you are welcome to receive a copy by requesting it in writing from Financial Services at financial.services@gci.org.

In closing, I would like to pass on a warm greeting from all of us in the Financial Services area at the Home Office. We are blessed to be working together with you as we join Jesus in his mission to reconcile all people to himself through the miracle of grace. Every time I read Romans 5 and other similar passages; I am overwhelmed by this grace that we have the privilege to share and I am proud that the word “grace is in the name of our church.

Mathew H. Morgan, CFO



News from Grace Communion Malawi

Bunda Congregation:
This month, our Bunda Congregation was able to provide an Under-five Clinic facility for the surrounding communities. For those unfamiliar, Under-five Clinics are clinics that provide special care for children under the age of five. For more photos, check out the GCI Malawi Facebook page.


Lilongwe Congregation:
Every second week of the month, Lilongwe Congregation Youths conduct a Full Church Service including fellowship, announcements, praise and worship, a short message, and the main message. For more photos, check out the post on their Facebook page.

Grace Communion Surrey Hills Worship Service

Our Surrey Hills, Oklahoma congregation hosted their first in-person Worship Experience this month. The service was held outdoors at the new property! It was a beautiful night filled with beautiful people.
Church members came together as a team, alongside volunteers to make the whole event happen. It included a coffee house hosted by church members Lucas and Ceeja Malmkar’s coffee shop. It was a great evening of sharing, singing, laughing, and loving each other. For more photos check out the Grace Communion Surrey Hills Facebook page.

A New Space in Eugene, Oregon

Our Eugene, Oregon congregation, has undergone quite a transformation this year as they transitioned from their old facilities to a new home facility.

To follow their journey from services under a tree, now on their new property, and soon to be in their newly renovated new-to-them building, check out the Grace Communion Eugene Facebook page.