Requesting Prayers for Frank Espinoza

Long time GCI Elder Frank Espinoza has been diagnosed with cancer and we are requesting prayer. Frank has served the church for many years – as an employee in Pasadena and also in the Spanish-speaking area. Now serving in San Diego as an elder at Cornerstone Community Church (Lemon Grove) – a congregation of GCI. Frank’s wife Carmen also has severe health issues.

Frank was diagnosed on September 2 with stage 4 liver cancer that has spread into his lungs. He was in the hospital for only a few days and is now in a hospice house. He is receiving palliative care to deal with the pain, especially as it progresses. His wife, Carmen, has been battling Parkinson’s disease for some time and is almost bedridden at home. The family is working to make it possible for Carmen to move to the same facility where Frank is so that they can be together. Please pray for them both and also for their family as they take care of them during this difficult time.

Cards of encouragement can be sent to:

3591 Ruffin Rd Unit 127,
San Diego, CA 92123



Mark Stapleton, Pastor
Cornerstone Community Church
San Diego, California

3 thoughts on “Requesting Prayers for Frank Espinoza”

  1. It is with a heavy heart that I pray to our Father and to Jesus to grant both Frank and Carmen an additional portion of grace and mercy. I know that they are not alone. I believe in the intercessionary efficacy of prayer in and through Christ our Savior. Hold on to the Lord!

  2. Prayers for this precious couple to be given this time together and for family and church family. God bless you all.

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