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Death of Cledice Decker










I regret to have to inform you of the death of one of our dear friends, Cledice Decker.

Following a recent surgery to address a nearly blocked carotid artery, Cledice suffered a massive stroke. Two of her closest friends found her on Memorial Day and saw that she was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, the damage was extensive, and nothing could be done to undo it.

Wednesday evening, June 2, she was placed on hospice, where she remained until her death early Wednesday morning, June 9.

Cledice Jewell Decker leaves behind a legacy of genuine caring, generous giving and selfless service that few will ever match. She is and will continue to be greatly missed.

It is with a heavy heart that I share this, not only because we have lost someone of exquisite moral and spiritual beauty, but also because of the pain and sadness this news will cause. Be assured, however, that Cledice’s last days were without pain, served by a compassionate and caring hospice staff. She was kept comfortable to the end, in accordance with her wishes under such circumstances.

Cledice requested that there be no funeral or memorial service, so may I suggest that you memorialize her among your mutual acquaintances for the beautiful example she set in everything she did. In that way her legacy will live on.

Chris Anderson

4 thoughts on “Death of Cledice Decker”

  1. Thanks Christ for this fitting and beautiful tribute. Clerdice will certainly remain in the golden memories of many. She is with the Lord awaiting the Great Day!

  2. Such a faithful and helpful lady always! God does not forget her many labors of love.

  3. Cledice was tireless in her efforts to keep everyone she knew in the various organizations informed about prayer requests and deaths, along with emails sharing humor and the beauty of God’s creation. Hers is a painful loss, but she leaves a wonderful legacy.

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