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Comment Below: Pastor Appreciation

We want to hear from you!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month. How has your pastor engaged, equipped, empowered, or encouraged you? Please comment below.

pastor appreciation


3 thoughts on “Comment Below: Pastor Appreciation”

  1. Pastor Barker, has taught us a lot of ways to carry out God word and to be an ambassador of Jesus. He is a good teacher of the word he tell it like it is. God gives him what to say to us we listen and follow him God way. The Shepherd Community Church in Harvey, lL. My God keep on blessing our pastor, his family and our church.

  2. Our Pastor has set up a Bible Study over the phone. He set this up two and a half years ago when he graduated from Regent University with his Masters in Divinity. We started with 3 ladies but have grown to 9 of us. It is so nice getting to know our God together. We are also bonding with our PASTOR and each other.
    Thank you Pastor Tracy.

  3. Pastor Tommie and First Lady Robin Grant are a great team to work with and for, They keep us prayed up and always checking on us to make sure we are alright. I just want to say from the bottom of my heart I love you guys very much.

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